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Spider Vein Treatment

Are you covering up ugly spider veins?
If so, then JW Holland Wellness is the perfect place for you.

We’re experts at getting rid of unsightly spider veins.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are superficial blood vessels located just below the skin’s surface, which usually have a red, blue, or purple appearance. They tend to begin as small clusters and may gradually expand over time, resembling tree branches or spider webs, hence the name “spider veins.” Although they frequently manifest on the legs, they may also develop on other areas of the body, including the face.

Get Rid of Spider Veins!

Symptoms of Spider Veins

Spider veins are a typical and unattractive sign of varicose vein disease that can cause various distressing symptoms, including itching, burning, heaviness, and cramping. Typically manifesting on the legs or ankles, spider veins are usually larger than varicose veins but smaller than regular veins. In certain instances, spider veins may trigger secondary conditions like skin discoloration or ulceration. In some cases, prolonged standing can lead to discomfort in individuals with spider veins.

What are the causes of Spider Veins?

Several factors can contribute to the development of spider veins, including:

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged standing or sitting

Additionally, these types of veins can be caused by hormonal changes such as menopause or puberty.


As the top selection for individuals struggling with spider veins, our team of experts and well-informed vein specialists are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to each patient. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and the latest advancements in spider vein treatments, JW Holland Wellness Clinic offers effective procedures customized to fulfill each patient’s needs. Our staff guarantees that from assessment to treatment, you receive the finest care for your spider veins in a clean and professional atmosphere.

Effective Spider Vein Treatment

At JW Holland Wellness Clinic, we offer treatments for spider veins, including the VenaSeal Closure system. As an FDA-approved procedure that uses an adhesive material to seal off the vein.

Unlike traditional treatments, there’s no downtime. You can go back to work immediately after the procedure is done. Getting rid of those ugly and unsightly veins has never been easier.

Convenient Location

Our clinic is conveniently located in Tulsa, so you can access quality vein care without traveling far from home or work. We also provide follow-up care after each treatment session. You can be certain your spider veins will be gone forever.

Look and feel your best at JW Holland Wellness Clinic.

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