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Erectile Dysfunction

Bring back spontaneity and intimacy.

Erectile disfunction treatment with no drugs, no surgery, no downtime.

Address The Problem

While drug therapy is the typical approach to treating erectile disfunction and inadequate blood flow, it only provides a quick-fix solution and does not address the underlying physical condition. Now there’s a new way to get men back in the game safely and effectively.

Treat the underlying causes of Vascular-Related Performance Issues.

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Effective Results:

  • Improves Erectile Dysfunction
  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease
  • Improves Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  • Formation Of New Blood Vessels
  • Increases Blood Flow To The Penis
  • Treats The Underlying Causes Of Vascular-Related Performance Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Using our exclusive medical device, treatments non-invasively delivery consistent acoustic shockwaves that are scientifically proven to increase blood flow into your male organ and restore smooth muscle cells. This technology uses a patented design that triggers a cellular response activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in angiogenesis to increase blood flow. This safe and effective procedure will improve tissue elasticity and blood flow.

What is a typical treatment approach?

Your medical treatment approach is simple:

  • Quick 15 minute in-office treatments
  • Consists of 4-6 sessions
  • Minimal to no discomfort experienced

How fast can I expect results?

Maybe you’re like many men and you’ve tried or considered prescription medications, uncomfortable devices, or disappointing “cures”? JW Holland Wellness has an effective treatment that doesn’t require incisions, medication, or pain, yet it delivers time-tested cell-changing technology to repair tissue and strengthen your erections. Results for each patient vary depending on the circumstances. Please book an appointment and talk to one of our medical providers.

Discreet Treatment

Privacy is our policy. We offer ED Treatment at our JW Holland Wellness clinic office in Tulsa, making it convenient for you to receive treatment in our private patient rooms. You don’t wait in a waiting room, and you can even enter and exit through a private entrance if needed.

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