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More than 60% of Americans
feel depressed, tired, or just “run down” every day.

You can have energy again. You can feel good again. You don’t have to suffer from chronic symptoms or disease. Our specialists have expertise in integrative medicine, men and women’s health, hormone health, weight loss and stress management.


We treat you as an individual and base your treatment plan on how you feel. We put you first and will do what’s needed to treat you to completion. The team at JW Holland Wellness will listen to you, and not leave you feeling “average.” We will optimize you!

Women’s Health

You can have energy again. You can feel good again. Optimizing hormones that decrease with age can help you feel great while achieving your health goals.

Men’s Health

To help men reach their optimal health and wellness we assess hormone, dietary, nutritional and chemical imbalances, which may be causing a variety of symptoms within the body, including loss of muscle and loss of sleep.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy can be helpful for headaches, upper respiratory infections, asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic viral infections, depression, anxiety, allergies, athletic recovery, overall health & much more.

Uncover The Full Picture Of Your Health and Get Back In Balance

From yearly physicals to a dedicated care team that supports your health needs and coordination of care, and personalized attention that assists your long-term health goals.

Health is dynamic, continually influenced by our genetics, lifestyle, and how we relate to the world around us. With our functional-integrative medicine approach, we treat individuals with a personalized health plan taking these factors into consideration for every unique person.

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JW Holland preserves your privacy and dignity.

We are committed to ensuring you feel safe, respected and confident in the decisions that are made about your care.

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