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Our Services

From yearly comprehensive physicals, to a dedicated care team that supports your health needs and coordination of care, and personalized nutrition and fitness teams that assist your long-term health goals. Discover what’s best for your body with the help of J.W. Holland’s expert medical team.

Men’s Health

To help men reach their optimal health and wellness we assess hormone, dietary, nutritional and chemical imbalances, which may be causing a variety of symptoms within the body, including loss of muscle and loss of sleep.

Hormone Optimization Therapy

Women expect to have hot flashes when estrogen levels drop during menopause. Men usually don’t worry about hormonal changes, but testosterone levels naturally decline with age. Both men and women face health problems like osteoporosis as they lose hormones.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy can be helpful for headaches, upper respiratory infections, asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic viral infections, depression, anxiety, allergies, athletic recovery, overall health & much more.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are proteins that can be self-injected to replenish peptide levels that decline with age. Treatments provide a variety of health benefits, such as muscle & joint recovery, immune health, improved sleep, and longevity.

Weight Loss

Achieve successful and long-term weight loss when you work together with professionals who can offer help with nutritional and medical support, by providing a range of medical services, encouragement, and pharmaceutical supervision to assist with fat elimination.

Private and Discreet Treatment

Enter and exit our clinic without anyone knowing you were treated! All of our services, from check-in to payment take place in your private room.

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