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Better Skin, Better Me!
Setting a proper skincare routine is the first step to having clear and glowing skin. There are many types of skin out there – dry, normal, or oily, plus everything in between. Here are four basic steps to creating your perfect regimen. Don’t forget that to get the proper results, most people need to focus on skincare two times a day, but it’s all about finding the right routine for you!

    1. 1. Cleanse: To achieve great skin you must first use a gentle and thorough cleanser. This is the soap that washes all the dirt off your skin that collects throughout the day and night.
      2. Prep and Tone: Using a toner morning and night is a way to balance your skin’s pH levels so you can get that smoother look everyone wants.
      3. Refine and Hydrate: Refining your skin means using a gentle exfoliator like a washcloth, your hands, or a gentle face brush that can open your pores and get the dirt out of those tough places. After refining the skin, HYDRATION IS KEY. Once you cleanse, all the good oils that moisturized your skin are now gone, so you must rehydrate your skin by using a good moisturizer.

Don’t forget to Address Concerns: Everyone gets breakouts sometimes. Using a good acne spot treatment can work wonders on those little breakouts that are bound to happen.

Proper skincare is important in feeling good about your skin. Here at JW Holland Wellness, we want to help you achieve all your wellness goals.

If you need help starting your journey to great skin or want to give Lumecca a try to revive your skin’s natural beauty, give us a call at 918-398-8728. Our warm and friendly team is ready to meet you and give you the wellness you deserve!
LOOK GREAT IN 2023 with help from JW Holland Wellness.
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