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It’s time for a change – no one wants to wait endlessly to see a doctor. And who wouldn’t to feel young and vibrant again? At JW Holland Wellness, we meet both of these desires. We listen to our patients and treat them according to the needs that they have, not some one-size-fits all practice of medicine. Our friendly staff would love to bring your life back into balance.

There are so many factors that go into deciding what the best treatment is for an individual. You might be dealing with a genetic issue or a lifestyle issue, but no matter what the problem is, we will treat you as the unique individual that you are. We strive to know your genetics and your history as a part of our initial consultation, to give you the best path to wellness that is possible.

We offer many services to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This not only includes functional medicine, but also supplements, sleep needs, stress reduction, movement, and nutrition. In addition, our testing also includes everything from hormone optimization therapy to thyroid panels and gut health. 

At JW Holland, our team of medical experts are ready to help with the following services:

  1. Men’s Health – we assess hormone, dietary, nutritional, and chemical imbalances
  2. Hormone Optimization Therapy – looking at estrogen and testosterone levels
  3. IV Therapy – helpful for headaches, upper respiratory infections, asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic viral infections, depression, anxiety, allergies, athletic recovery, and more
  4. Peptide Therapy – muscle and joint recovery, immune health, and improved sleep
  5. Weight Loss – with nutritional and medical support

Make changes today that lead to a thriving quality of life. Call 918-398-8728 to set up an appointment to start the next chapter in your life. You deserve to feel healthy again. 

Come to JW Holland and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE


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