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Hormone optimization is important in the overall health of your body.

EVERYONE BENEFITS from this treatment!

Having a healthy mind and body is paramount for our busy lives.

Not only do hormones give you a good mental outlook for what’s coming each day, but they also are an integral part of wellness that happens in every part of your body.

We offer treatments based on your deficiencies.

These could be regarding: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, growth hormone, HCG, oxytocin, cortisol, DHEA, melatonin, thyroid hormones, or dietary and vitamin supplements.

At JW Holland you will first have an initial consultation where our medical team will assess your symptoms and determine if you are a candidate for hormone optimization therapy. We will have initial labs done to establish your baseline levels from which a custom-tailored program will be prescribed. Then you will have a follow up consultation scheduled to review your labs.

Then, depending on the results of the consultation, we will begin Hormone Optimization Therapy. While in some cases you will feel the effects of treatment right away, it is recommended to allow a for a full 6-month treatment plan to experience the full results of your therapy. The treatment plan includes a patient consultation, labs and follow up labs (3 months after treatment begins), monitoring to troubleshoot any hormonal changes or symptoms, direct provider communications by email or phone, booster shots, and IV Therapy.

Our goal is that you would feel like yourself again. Not just for your well-being, but also for your significant other – because we know how hormones can change us. Feel optimized with Hormone Optimization Therapy at JW Holland Wellness.

Call us today or schedule and become the person you were always meant to be.